I was on a hunt for the perfect daycare for my two daughters. I was never satistified with the childcare providers in the past. My children have been to home daycare providers and daycare centers and they all were never really the right fit for my two precious gems. ELF provided a warm, loving, peaceful, "home -like" learning environment . When I dropped my children off at ELF, I went to work with my mind at ease. My children always came home happy. Now that they are a little older and moved on they still miss the warmth and love at ELF. To me that speaks volumes!


Thank you ELF for always going above and beyond my expectations for the care of my children. We will never forget you!


-Lynn and Chris


My first impression of Ms. Mary was how warm she is. It is obvious how much she loves what she does! Because of the care she puts into her program, the kids love being at preschool. Her space is amazing. Although it is in the basement of her home, it is not dark or dreary at all! In fact, there are murals that cover each wall making it entertaining and educational at the same time. It is a large open space with different stations (kitchen, eating, painting, music) throughout the room. There are books, a train table, dinosaur table, and work bench. The toys are both educational and fun (for example, the special Legos they use are great for fine motor skills). Everything at Mary's seems to have a purpose. It is easy to communicate with Mary and the other two teachers. They have a log they send home each day which details what the kids ate, when they napped, diaper changes, and in which activities they participated. They also send home some art work each day. There is a weekly schedule of activities so you can know in advance what your kids are working on! I have also found that I can discuss any concerns (about my kids) I may have face to face as well. Ms. Mary provides the perfect combination of structure/curriculum and free play. My kids have learned so much already! One day we came in late. The other kids were already in a circle, singing a song. My kids ran right in and sat in their places and clapped and sang along with the rest of the kids! A mere month earlier, they would not sit still in a circle! For all of the “outward” reasons we chose to move our kids to this in home preschool. In the end, the real benefit has been that our kids are happier at the end of each day, they are learning to share, and they are participating in a variety of structured activities. 


When I met Mary, we were coming from another at home day care who I was having concerns with.  From the moment I walked in, I liked her.  I liked the environment and I liked the teachers.  The first day I came to pick him up, he ran away and said, “Not yet!  I’m not ready to go!”  He asked me all day long when he was going back.  I knew I had found the right fit. 


When we began our search, I was hesitant to go to a day care center.  Many had high ratios of children to teachers.  I wanted my children to have a lot of attention, love and care.  I wanted the teachers to “know” my child – not just another child in a class with 20 others.  I wanted a clean facility, and a place that when they got hurt, someone was kissing their ‘boo-boos’ and giving them that hug and kiss as we would.  Lastly, I wanted a good balance of play and learning.  I wanted my children to learn to play cooperatively, share, use good manners and learn in a fun and safe environment.  I wanted them to play outside, go for walks, use their imaginations and be silly.  I found that all at ELF.  Finally, her homemade meals are incredible! My (only at home) picky eaters eat everything Ms. Mary makes…even vegetables. 
My older son was with Mary for four years and he was prepared for kindergarten socially and academically.  He still asks to visit her and he loves Parents Night Out.


When we go to work, we don’t worry. I feel like I’m leaving them with family. They know my children as if they were their own.  And, most importantly, my children love going to school. 


Our experience at ELF has been remarkable. We feel as though we've found the best of both worlds- a warm family environment and a focus on learning. Some days, our son doesn't want to leave! The teachers are receptive and reinforce things that are done at home. We always know what our son is eating, and it is always healthy! We couldn't be happier with our decision we made two years ago!

E.L.F. has been an amazing experience for our daughter! She has really blossomed and loves going everyday! The staff is extremely ​caring as well as accommodating special requests when needed. The attention and instruction our daughter receives is astounding and evident by witnessing her new developments from week to week.


-Jeff and Jess

Finding ELF has been a blessing...

I have always felt Ms. Mary has been much more than my sons teacher. It goes beyond that. Her patience and guidance has really helped him out especially throughout this long transition in our lives.

Ever since our son has attended ELF, he cannot ever stop talking about it. It feels almost like we are a part of a large family.  

He has grown so much with his communication, social, and educational skills and we have you all to thank for that. He has blossomed as an individual and surprises us each day with what he has learned. He has also made great friendships along the way. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to our son and our family. We have been blessed to find a wonderful, safe, and nurturing environment and family.